As the best gifts come from the heart, our team of hopeless romantics here at Filofax HQ have customised some Clipbooks to inspire you to get creative this Valentine's Day. From Confetti Hearts to Glitter Windows, we have a few ideas to help you make a fun cover design or unique gift for someone special. It's time to get creative with Clipbook!

*A5 Clipbook   *A Pencil   *A piece of A5 card   *Pair of scissors   *A sheet of metallic wrapping paper   *Double sided tape   *A ruler   *Pair of googly eyes

1.   Start by using the scissors to cut a large heart shape out of the card - in proportion to the size of your A5 Clipbook.

2.   Next, cut long strips of the metallic wrapping paper. Making multiple vertical cuts along each length to create a fringe effect.

3.   Then apply these strips to the cardboard heart with a double sided tape. Start from the bottom and ensure each strip overlaps the last.

4.   Now cut the excess paper around the template to reveal the heart shape.

5.   Time to add a little personality to the heart with googly eyes.

6.   Finally, add the heart to the front of the Clipbook or punch a couple of holes and use as a bookmark.

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