A flexible approach to staying organised – a Filofax organiser is as individual as you are. With contemporary and classic designs, an array of colours and sizes, and luxury leather, fabric or leather-look styles – you won’t find a wider range of organisers anywhere else.
  • Domino Soft A5 Organiser

    Price From: $79.99
  • Domino Soft Personal Organiser

    Price From: $49.99
  • Domino Soft Pocket Organiser

  • Ochre
    Out of stock
  • Malden A5 Organiser

  • Saffiano Pocket Organiser

    Price From: $59.99
  • Peony
    Out of stock
  • Saffiano Personal Organiser

  • The Original Patent A5 Organiser - Any Year

  • The Original A5 Organiser - Any Year

  • Black
    Out of stock
  • Heritage A5 Compact Organiser